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Baby Kinetics for all babies 




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We use a private Educational program designed by a qualified nursery school teacher that is aligned with the Department of Education’s CAPS requirements and Foundation Phase guidelines.










Happy childhood at Rainbow Kidz Academy and Aftercare



Educational Program


Rainbow Kidz Academy 

Rainbow Kidz Academy and Aftercare is a private Pre-Primary school/ Baby Academy and Aftercare facility based in The South of Johannesburg - Brackenhurst - Alberton.

Here we strive to give the best possible educational assistance, learning support and loving interactive environment.


We are open Mondays to Fridays from 06h30 to 18h00(During the summer time) and 06h30 to 17h45(During wintertime).


The school is based and runs on a very Holistic approach with emphasis on developing the overall child as a whole: Emotionally, Socially, Physically, Academically and Spiritually. We also ensure that children are educated in a Christian environment.


We strive to offer the very BEST facilities, equipment, care and services to our children and our parents.We pride ourselves in always ensuring our children’s needs are put first and we strive to constantly grow and improve on every aspect of the running of our schools. We make use of an educational program that has been developed by qualified nursery school teachers that ensures that the relevant topics and learning is acquired in order to get children ready for primary school.